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July 10, 2018

Resolve Acer Monitor Not Working Issue – Easy Solutions

Acer Monitor not working

When you open your Acer Laptop, there’s nothing on the screen except a black screen. Probably your Acer Monitor not working correctly. But without a proper Acer Monitor Troubleshooting, it is impossible to determine the whether the monitor is at fault or not. To find out the reason why! Testing the monitor is essential. The good news is that computer monitor testing is one of the most comfortable troubleshooting steps. Which means, following simple steps should resolve the issue in most of the cases.

What Cause this Acer Monitor not Working Issue?

There could be multiple reasons for this Acer monitor not working issue. But, to treat the issue from its root, it is essential to identify the problem we are dealing with.

If you are facing the issue, one of the below-listed reason might be working poorly in your case.

  • If the power cable is disconnected or the AC Adapter is at fault, then you may face this issue.
  • When the power cable is at fault, you might face this issue too.
  • In case, there is a problem with the hardware; then this problem won’t be an alien to you.

Now, as we know the probable reason for an unresponsive monitor, we can slide into Acer Monitor Troubleshooting

Fix Acer Monitor Not Working Issue

Completing the monitor test will reveal the exact cause of the issue. Then you can take the necessary action to rectify the error. Depending on the main reason for the failure it may take a few minutes to run the complete process.

  1. First, make sure all the power buttons are switched on. Some of the monitors have more than one way to power up the device. Verify all the switches are on.
  2. Now you need to check the monitor power cable connection. It is possible your monitor might be working fine, but due to lose connection you might face such Acer Monitor Not Working issue. Also, make sure all the connection is secured, and ports are fully functioning.
  3. Check the data cable attached to the monitor is behaving correctly. Your monitor might be on, but due to faulty connection the monitor showing no data on it. Check and verify the cable. In fact, ditch the wire first and then replug the cable. See if the Acer Monitor, not working problem solved or not.
  4. Change the monitor settings, reverify the brightness and contrast of your display. The computer was probably working fine, but you cant see the content because of wrong display settings. Most of the monitor nowadays, have an on-screen interface to adjust the display settings. If your monitor is not turning on at all, then it will be tough to access the display settings.
  5. When information cannot be seen on the monitor, then a corrupted operating system could also be the reason. So to be precise about that, you need to verify the concern. To do that, use a fully functioning monitor if it doesn’t work either then it’s not your monitor at fault it’s the system.
  6. Now, if the monitor works then you will be left with only one option, change the monitor. In other cases, it is clear that the problem is not with the monitor. It is the system that is not sending any information.
  7. In that case, you can either troubleshoot the system, so that it can send the information again. Or you can recheck the process if you left out anything.

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